Mirella and her Border Collie Johnny

bc 2 001 menina vestido72 dpi 17 x 22 cm blog

Oops, long time since I’ve posted here! Sorry guys. I was working on other pieces of illustration – I’ll probably post them here after they’re delivered to their customers!

This beautiful girl is Mirella and her border collie Johnny! She lives in the city of São Paulo but whenever she visits her grandma in the country, she takes Johnny with her! (have you noted the little vintage gate? It’s her grandma’s!  ;)

“So he can stretch his legs an run a little!” as she told me then.

I had fun working on this custom portrait, Mirella told me she will hang on her study. Nice  ;)

Cinderella and the Eyecandy Robb Stark

cinderella by Fernanda Campos
It’s when the magic happens :)

Sooooo I had to escape a little from the border collies :P, ’cause the visual of the Cinderella movie stuck on my mind! Kenneth Brannagh, what a genius!  :D

In my humble opinion, Cinderella definitely opened this lot of real-people-disney-classics, as Maleficent can’t count. (Ugh, terrible, terrible movie… those rubber creatures, elves, whatever…. such a great story turned into a disaster… and, for the record, no, I am not an Angelina lover… Although she didn’t ruin the movie this time, the movie sucked itself. Sorry guys, I’ve told before that I am a little rebel.)

Anyway, as an ultimate Disney fan, I had to work a little on my Cinderella lineart. And such a great pleasure to see the eye-candy Robb Stark as the Prince Charming. I know, I know, his name is Richard Madden, but no! He’ll always be Robb Stark for me! Haha (I must sound like a teenage now).

So, I drew my Cinderella and couldn’t resist preparing some fine prints for sale at my stationery shop. Sadly, brazilians in general don’t care much about buying art prints… :(

I had a lot of fun, though!

Chaplin & me!

Me & Chaplin!
My border Chaplin & me!


After starting The Border Collie Project, I couldn’t be left out! I would be a little jealous… So I drew a slightly better version of us!  :)

Chaplin is my border collie – as I told you before, I just love the movies, and I found the perfect name for him. I thought it would be pretty funny to have a black-and-white-almost-silent dog named Chaplin. Yes, my Chaplin is almost silent… he doen’t bark at all. And he is also a gentleman. Suits him perfectly.

Anyway, we are the whole time together as I bring him to work on a daily basis. I work in a design & stationery shop, and he follows me since the company was taking its first baby steps. (as well as Chaplin! So cute!). It is very uncommon here in Brazil to bring a dog along with you to the office, but I’ve always been fond of breaking some little rules. Hehe.

As for myself, you’ll find me always wearing a colorful skirt and a linen shirt. Of course, I don’t look this serene, I am usually running around to get all things (illustrations, jobs, chores, everything!) done in time, and hoping to get home as soon as possible to watch some netflix before the day ends.